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Notes to myself - shortcuts and things I use to forget

Send mail via telnet

      telnet 25
      220- Sendmail 940816.SGI.8.6.9/940406.SGI ready at
      Tue, 24 Jul 2001 07:52:08 +0100
      220 ESMTP spoken here
      HELO myhostname
      250 Hello [], pleased to meet you
      MAIL FROM: testuser
      250 testuser... Sender ok
      RCPT TO: receivername
      250 receivername... Recipient ok
      354 Enter mail, end with "." on a line by itself
      THis is a test
      250 HAA05197 Message accepted for delivery
      221 closing connection

DNS stuff

      In nslookup:
      server (change DNS server in nslookup)
      ls -d (list all info on domain (sometimes forbidden))
      set type=mx (set query type to MX)

Break command on Cisco Router

       CTRL + Shift + 6 + x

How hackers prevent deleting of warez and folders in Windows

             Click to read (endofdelters.txt)

Cisco Password algorithm

             Click to read

Google and alike help you in hacking and spying

Go to a search engine like google and enter those....for example:
  "Index of /admin"
  "Index of /password"
  "Index of /mail"
  "Index of /" +passwd
  "Index of /" password.txt

IPSec Ports and Protocols

Service Protocol Number Source Port Destination Port
PPTP Control Connection 6 (TCP) 1023 1723
PPTP Tunnel Encapsulation 47 (GRE) N/A N/A
ISAKMP/IPSEC Key Management 17 (UDP) 500 500
IPSEC Tunnel Encapsulation 50 (ESP) N/A N/A
IPSEC NAT Transparency 17 (UDP) 10000 (default) 10000 (default)

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