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Hacking Tools
  Superscanner V3.0 - fast and good Win32 scanner
  SSS - ShadowScan. Best Windows scanner I have seen so far.
  SSL Cracking - I broke Hal's SSL challenge.

References - Calendar for the next 3 years, fast, easy to remember fuckedcompany - the gossip and truths about the internet business Secure IIS webserver - good guidelines how to protect a IIS webserver SamSpade - Site that has tools to research IP/Hostname Cisco Secure VPN Client - Troubleshooting with View Log Cisco NAT Configuration - Configuring Network Address Translation: Getting Started Cisco NAT Troubleshooting - Verifying NAT Operation and Basic NAT Troubleshooting MRTG Templates - MRTG/WebNM Templates Archive DNS cache in Win2K - How to disable the DNS cache in Windows 2000 & friends Good Article - Cisco Router Management Configuration Template Cisco - Service Packages Comparison Matrix Cisco Tips - Top 10 Cisco IOS Tips from autohor of O'Reilly Cisco IOS in a Nutshell Cisco ACL's - Top 10 Blocking Recommendations Using Cisco ACLs Network Chart - Download and print out by Wildpackets Texas Looking Glass - Texas GigaPOP Looking Glass
SNMP Links SNMPBOY - Windows 2000 + Active State + MRTG (hosted under the domain SNMPLink.ORG - THE collection of SNMP topics SNMPWorld - Another good collection of SNMP topics Cisco - SNMP FAQ (support of 802.1Q subinterfaces, WHEN ?)
Security Sites - useful security resources. Securityfocus - lists exploit and maintains the Bugtraq list Packet Storm - huge archive of exploits, files and tools NewOrder - Security webportal - Huge search index of hacking/warez sites Offline NT Recovery Editor - get into any Windows box with this utility Apache Security - Securing Your Web Pages with Apache Smurf Attack - What is it and how does it work ?
Webserver and Friends MySQL - Who needs Oracle or MSSQL ? - nice scripting language, works with Apache and IIS - Famous for their Apache webserver. (tired of IIS exploits ? runs under Win as well) phpwebsite - a CMS written in PHP phpsnmp - PHP/SNMP Network Management Tool Graphical AS PATH - A graphical as path app on the web DomainDuck - has a daily list of expiered domain names Awesome Stuff - I am not a big fan of JAVA, but those applets simply rock !
Other Stuff Signatures - Fun in the email ISP-List - Re: PIX DOS (config problem) - Similar to NetScreen ScreenOS... ISP-List - RE: Blocking IP address Think about THAT - Minature World facts flash
Flash and other Fun Ping Pong - Awesome Flash about the old computer game Spooky - go here and stare on the picture for 45 seconds ! Useful - Sign up for free email like F Yourself - link for friends Awesome - fight in flash
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